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Alot of it wil be about stories, all kinds of stories can go here.

Quality standards i would like to see. (for stories)Edit

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  • new page Story radioactive chapter 2
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: I walked in the yard of my brand new home with my dad and dog Chloe. It was beutiful the pool was big i couldn't help not to wait to go inside. I...
  • new page Story: Radioactive
    created by Ccc.Avz
    New page: One day I was waiting for my dad to come home on the old ugly couch with my dog Chloe. Then i heard a knock it was my dad he came in the house...
  • new page Story: The stolen DS
    created by CupcakeSlarwalker
    New page: There were these 2 girls, Amanda and Kaylee. One had a DSi and a 3DS, the other had the regular old fashioned DS, no 2DS, no 3DS, no DSi...DS. That...
    Added photo:
  • new page The realm of creatures -Keko
    created by Keko-chan
    New page: Chapter 1 {Unfinished} I lay their, upon my beaten down, antiquated bed. “If there was some way to get out of here;” “but it’s impossible to break...
  • discussion page Talk:Peter and Wendy.
    new comment by DoodleSaur613
    Comment: Ty :D
  • discussion page Talk:Peter and Wendy.
    new comment by CupcakeSlarwalker
    Comment: i LOVED it. it has a wonderful set to the story. i encourage you to keep writing some more! 
  • new page Peter and Wendy.
    created by DoodleSaur613
    New page: Wendy was a 15 year old girl. She lived in London, England and loved everything about it. She loved fairy tales and all it's charecters. Her favorite...

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  • discussion page Talk:PegasusUnicorn Wiki
    created by CupcakeSlarwalker
    New page: Sup Peoples ily all. this is a random page i just...kinda...yew know. edited. CupcakeSlarwalker (talk) 03:18, March 28, 2014 (UTC)CupcakeSlarwalker
  • categorization PegasusUnicorn Wiki
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  • discussion page A story..
    comment by CupcakeSlarwalker
    Comment: Very good!  You missed a few quality standards but this is your first story, credit given for trying! quality...
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