It was a clear, sunshining day. All was calm and perfect. I was in a meadow full of flowers and animals. I was rolling in the grass with a group of girls. I didnt know them but in a way, I felt like I did. The skies were a clear blue and nothing could ruin the day. But far off, I saw a sign of danger. Dark clouds. I ignored them, "They're never gonna come here" I said aloud. Then, all fell silent. No birds chirped. No music played. Nobody moved. No laughter, just silence. Thunder boomed and broke the silence. Lightning cracked and it started to rain. We all ran but nothing changed, the clouds followed us. Otherwise, it was a perfect day so I began to feel scared. Only because I wanted happiness back. I woke up. "Just a dream, just a dream" I thought to myself.

     Thanks for reading! (I actually had a dream very similar to this)